Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ebates-rebates for shopping online

Sometimes, it's just easier to shop online! Especially when there are coupon codes and/or free shipping! I highly recommend Ebates if you are already going to make a purchase online. First-time sign-ups get $5!
Once you make a purchase, they verify everything and then post the money (% back) to your ebates account. Once you have earned $5 from online shopping, they will write you a check OR post it to your paypal account, your choice of course.
The money comes quarterly, and the next quarter end August 15th, so if you were going to do some shopping anyway, make sure you get $5.01 (So at least $10.01 including sign-up bonus) in your account so your check or paypal will come, otherwise, you will have to wait 3 months.
Right now, when you refer a friend to Ebates, BOTH you AND your friend will get $5. If you refer 3 friends, they will double that and you will get $10 per friend!
(again the money will come once you have reached $5.01 in % back, even if there is more money in your account from a sign-up bonus)
Right now a few of the clothes rebates are:
~Sears and Target are giving 4% back
~JCPenny, Macys and Nordstrum are giving 3% back
~Gap and Old Navy are 2% back
Need a magazine subscription?
~Magazineline is giving 20% back
How about going out to eat?
Restaurant.com is giving 15%
~Lancome is giving 12% back (usually 6%)
What is Ebates? Rebates for shopping online
When do I get my Rebate? Quarterly, once your account has reached $5.01 (next payday is August 15th)
Where can I shop? Any stores on the Ebates website.
*Don't spend money you wouldn't have, but if you are shopping online, give Ebates a try!

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