Monday, August 31, 2009


What is Mypoints?

*MyPoints is a reward network, just like when you earn miles on an airline or cash-back on a credit card. The difference is that MyPoints is flexible. You don't have to stick with one store to earn Points, and you don't have to take your rewards in just one form. We have many partners that our members can shop with and redeem from. As a member, you can earn reward Points for shopping at hundreds of brand-name merchant sites, responding to email offers, taking surveys, booking travel and playing online games. Then you can redeem Points for gift cards and certificates from the same wide range of stores, restaurants, airlines and hotels.*

-Mypoints sends out emails, I would say 5+ a week, but it varies. You get points for reading the emails, just reading them-this is where I have gotten most of my points. Of course, they encourage you to sign up for things-
-You can get points for shopping online through their stores

-Printing and redeeming coupons

There is no charge-it is a slow and steady rewards system, especially if you are like me and aren't going to sign up for anything that costs money, but it seems to be worth it. Jill recently redeemed a $50 Kohls gift card with her points!

It is fun and no strings attached. I use a different email so that my regular email doesn't get too crowded, but that's just me. Cancel at anytime.
If you are interested in signing up for Mypoints, leave your email in the form and we can send you an invite.

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