Saturday, September 19, 2009

East Mesa-Frys on Greenfield and Main

The Fry's on Greenfield and Main (4440 East Main Street) just opened a new gas station-for every $100 you spend in-store in a month, you get $0.10 off per gallon
(I believe your points expire by the 15th of the following month, correct me if I am wrong)

Well, starting September 23rd, this Fry's station will be offering $0.20 off per gallon (once you have 100 points to your card or phone number of course). This will be available for 1 week as their Grand Opening Celebration.
For Fry's deals this week, check out Bargain Moms' list here
Also, my dad just reminded me that you can upload coupons to your Frys card via the P&G site and/or
Thanks Dad-always knew you were a bargain hunter at heart ;)

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caroline said...

WOW! i found your blog while i was reading random stuff on the babycenter forums, i have a nov. 2008 (11/25/08) baby too, my daughter Lydia. i never signed up on the forums but i do check them once in a while... anywho that "wow" was because i live here in phoenix and you have all this stuff pertaining to valley moms... which is awesome... i'll have to tell some of my friends :)

well keep up the good work!