Sunday, September 27, 2009

Phoenix Area-Medical study for $

My husband is doing a rotation at a clinical trial facility for new drugs (Phoenix, AZ). They are currently looking for people who tan slightly, or who burn easily to moderately. The participant would have to stay for an entire week-7 days and nights. The compensation is $1400.
If you know anyone who is unemployed and probably not a student OR who can dedicate time to do this study, send us an email so we can give you more information. Screenings going on now, so let us know soon.


Tricia said...

Hey Macey,

So do you have to sleep at there location. Are they feeding you since you are there 7 days and nights. I am kind of interested. Email with more info. Thanks.


Pink~Makeup~Love said...

I'd like information, my e-mail is, I have a three month old though, do you know if she could come with me?