Monday, February 1, 2010

CVS-Powerade and Pringles Deal

If you are in the market for Powerade and Pringles, CVS is running a promotion this week that includes these 2 items (and these other coke products ).

When you spend $25, you will get $10 in Extra Care Buck to use on your next order.

Powerades are on sale for $1 and Pringles are 2/$3 (so $1.50 each).

I found tear-pads at CVS to save $1 when you buy AND single serving of Coca-Cola OR Powerade Ion4 and a Can of Pringles. Here is what the front of the coupon looks like:

So if you purchase: 
10 Powerades ($10)
10 Pringles ($15)
use 10 coupons,
you will spend $15 out of pocket and get $10 in Extra Care Bucks back.
(You don't have to purchase them all in one transaction) 

Of course, you can mix and match this coupon with other Coke or P&G products as well if that is too much junk food.

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kc said...

Hi Macey,

Did you actually do this deal this week? I just finished mine up and it looks like the powerade wasn't counting on my receipt. I plan on calling Monday morning... just curious if you ran into the same problem.