Monday, February 8, 2010

Kroger, Frys (AZ) Kraft Cheese-$1 when you buy $10

Kraft Cheese is part of Frys Mega Event-Buy 10 products and get $5 off your order. It is $1.99, so $1.49 when you buy 10 items.

There were coupons at my local Frys, Save $1 when you buy 2 Kraft natural cheese products.

So if you:
Buy 10 Cheeses at $1.99 =$19.99
Less $5 discount for buying 10=$14.99
Minus 5 ($1/2) coupons = $9.99
OR $0.99 for a bag of Kraft Natural Cheese.

(I just did this deal so I know it works-hopefully other stores have the coupon-if not, $1.49 is a pretty good price for Kraft Cheese too) Cheese freezes :)

This deal will probably end tomorrow (Tuesday, Feb 9) unless the Mega Event continues into next week.

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