Monday, March 29, 2010

A little change to the blog + giveaways

We changed the look to the blog...for now. It is nothing fancy, but hopefully, it is a little easier to read with the white background.

With the changes, we thought we would do a few giveaways AND introduce a few websites that are rewarding (paypal, gift cards, other gift cards) and only take a few minutes sitting at the computer. This week, I will introduce a few that I have ventured into. All of them are FREE, you can change your subscritions or cancel at any time.

I have a separate email address for the extra stuff...that way, I can check it whenever and let it get full without missing too much.
Have a good week!

For any of the giveaways, you get an extra entry if you have ever shared a deal or giveaway. Make sure you put what deal you shared in the extra entry spot this week. (Abbie, Tricia, Kristi, Raylene, Heather, Suzette...)
Giveaways will end next Monday.

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