Thursday, March 4, 2010

Reader tip-Recycle soap bottles, make your own soap to refill!

If you have a nice foam soap dispenser (Bath and Body Works maybe?), then this is a fun tip you might be able to use once your's are out of the expensive soap.

Copied directly from Emily at
Not So Idle Hands Blog: (Go to the blog for pictures and the full tutorial)

For the ones (soap dispensers) in the bathrooms, I just use my favorite liquid soap (not dish soap, but you could).

This works with any liquid soap, but I haven't tried it with the soap that has the tiny washing beads.

You want to do a 90% water to 10% soap (see how long your soap can last!!!).

These ones are 8.75oz bottles, (but I just mix up 8oz each time to make it a bit easier) so I put a little less than an ounce of soap into a glass measuring cup........

.......and then fill it to 8oz with warm water (not a high stream to keep it from foaming).

Then, I stir it carefully and pour it into the container.

(I love how you can totally tell this wasn't the original scent that came in this bottle :)


Now, I don't have a heart attack every time I find the kiddos in the bathroom with a sink full of foam and an empty soap bottle on the floor :)

Have fun!

(Thanks Suzette!)

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