Thursday, April 1, 2010

Online Rewards-YouData, Beruby Both Paypal money

YouData-YouData is a company that has a new view on the ad industry. Why YouData is unique is simple: they want ads not to go to waste and they don't want people who see those ads to waste their time.

To get started, they text and email you a code. Then, you literally look at Ads and the websites. The more profile you fill out, the more ads you get.

They pay via paypal weekly, so if you have your eye on an etsy shop like this one called the *Goodie Jar* or this etsy shop called *Little Girls Garden* that accept paypal, then get a jump on your paypal funds, and sign up for YouData here (there should be a referral spot filled in that says maceycoupon) and start looking at ads. (They started in Texas, so they seem to prefer people from Texas to participate. I got a lot my first week and it has since slowed down dramatically. If you are from Texas and sign up or have signed up, let me know how the site works for you.)

Friday is YouData's payday. is a site that  is another site that pays with paypal. You literally create a Beruby account here, create a favorites page with sites that you go to regularly (Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook, Twitter, Bank accounts...lots on the list) and click every day (you only get credit once per day). They pay a fraction of a penny, but slowly it adds up.

You get paid once you get to $10 (which for me took 3-4 months, so it is a slower payout).

(If you sign up for either, make sure and get your extra entry into any of the giveaways-put youdata or beruby in the extra entry spot)

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