Thursday, July 15, 2010

Safeway-friut snacks and granola bars deal

Check out a deal my bloggin' buddy Juli (who lives in Arizona) did at Safeway this week:

Here's a simple scenario if you don't want to think much about all the other "Buy 4 Sale" deals on the Safeway list. Safeway's new coupon policy clearly states that you can "stack" paper coupons with eCoupons . . .

** Load Nut Clusters, Fruit Snacks, Granola bars at Cellfire and Shortcuts (Make sure to load Safeway card at Cellfire!) See Safeway list and load more for great deals at both sites, but I won't complicate that here!

** Print coupons for both items at Smart Source and (You'll need 2 Nut Clusters and 1 Fruit Snacks, minimally. They're still a great deal without the eCoupons, so you might want to print more. I stocked up.)
Now you're ready to get your deal: Purchase 4 & get a box of granola bars free:

*2 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $1.49 (paper coupon = $1 off, 2 eCoupons = $1 off Final = 98¢/2)

*2 Nature Valley Nut Clusters $1.99 (2 paper coupons = $2, 2 eCoupons = $2 Final = +2¢

*1 Nature Valley granola bars $2.99 will auto deduct (plus take off 50¢ Cellfire loaded coupon)

Final price: 98¢ – 2¢ – 50¢ = 46¢ for all five items!!

Thanks Juli! Looks like a great deal!

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