Thursday, December 9, 2010

*DEAL OVER*Walgreens-Cheap Hallmark tissue paper, wrapping paper and greeting cards *EDITED-new wrapping paper coupon*

Wallgreens has a Hallmark promo happening right now:
*When you buy 2 Hallmark products greeting cards only, you get $2 in Register Rewards. When you buy 6, you get $5.

Initially I thought it was only cards, but wrapping paper and tissue paper are triggering the coupons to print as well-hope this doesn't change before the week is up! Now only the cards are working.

Hallmark brand tissue paper is on sale with in-ad coupon (page 15) 3 for $1-reg price of 99¢-great deal, no longer producing the register reward

When you buy 2, you get $2 in Register Rewards. When you buy 6, you get $5. 

***The best {value} scenario is to buy 6 tissue papers with the coupon (I found them in the Christmas aisle near the ground, not with the rest of the wrapping paper). You would spend $2 out of pocket-get $5 in Register rewards (Jingle Cash) to spend on a purchase next week.

You can also mix and match this with the wrapping paper that is Buy 1 get 1 FREE this week-priced at $1.99. If you only need/want wrapping paper, you could buy 2 for $1.99 and get $2 in Register Rewards.

Walgreens has a 99¢ Hallmark card section if you need greeting cards.

Also, for every $25 you spend at Walgreens, a $5 Jingle Cash coupon prints out that you can use next week at Walgreens.

[A note about Register Rewards-you can't use a Register Reward for the same promotion and have another one print out] 

*New 50¢ coupon for wrapping paper!*

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