Thursday, January 27, 2011

Diapers from Amazon- Less than $9 shipped with 2 codes from recent magazines

If you get baby/parenting/pregnancy magazines, make sure and watch for and save the Amazon codes they have had lately (or share them if you don't need diapers). There are $10 codes to get $10 off anything 'baby,' which includes diapers AND 20% off diaper purchases codes. I get Parenting early years and Parents and had 1 of each (I can't remember which came from which magazine...)

I used both in 1 order and was able to get a Pampers Baby Dry Diapers, Size 3 Economy Plus Pack with 204 Diapers for less than $9 shipped because Amazon Mom gives you 30% off when you choose Subscribe & Save (FREE to sign up to!)...and it came in less than 36 hours! It sounds like you can use 1 code per account per month...and January only has a few days left!

A little breakdown:

Amazon Mom 30% off- $28.16
20% off code-$19.98
$10 coupon code-$9.98
Plus for Pampers there was a $1.50 bonus coupon, leaving my total to $8.48!
(I am not sure if this will be available for all Pampers diapers though.)

Hope this helps someone!
Also, if you do order and use Subscribe & Save, make sure and cancel once it ships or you receive it so your order doesn't get reshipped next month.

Sorry for the wordy post too.

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