Friday, January 7, 2011

Target-90% off Christmas clearance

Target's Christmas clearance has been marked to 90% off at most stores.
If you go, keep an eye out for Christmas items that aren't with the clearance like children's Christmas books, paper towells, Christmas pajamas, etc and scan for the price.

I found some 12 days of Christmas chocolate goldfish that were 29¢, but other than that didn't find anything too exciting, mostly wrapping paper. KC found some fun items at her Target in Tucson.

The thing I was most excited for was at the little Target Cafe. They have a chicken nugget kids meal for $3, which included chicken nuggets, apples/caramel OR carrots/ranch and a small drink or Icee. They had to cook the chicken fresh and it was 4 realtively large pieces of breaded chicken and tasted delicious
(plus I had a Target gift card so it was that much more fun to eat free.)

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Abbie said...

Riverview Walmart has all winter themed Carter's footie PJs (reg $7) for $1.75. They're in the baby area, not the Christmas area.