Thursday, April 21, 2011

$1 Puzzles, $1 shirts

Deals have been slow around here...but a few random deals

The other day I was in Walgreens and found a section of $1 shirts...these weren't clearance, they actually had a barcode that had $1.00 on it (solid colored)...they were with the shirts labeled 3 for $10. I bought a few-they had limited sizes and colors, but might be worth a look if you are going to Walgreens to do any of the deals Juli put together.

I went into the 99¢ store for a few Easter goodies for an Easter Egg hunt (already happened yesterday and it was a success!) and found some wooden puzzles-I was so excited because these can be expensive. They had ABCs and Numbers. They are no Melissa and Doug, but they will work for my kids! My cousin Abbie has found Target brand tights for little girls here and KC from Desert Deals Diva is always finding treasures there!

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