Monday, June 27, 2011

Safeway-FREE Haribo gummies, $1 Raisin Bran wyb 4, 88¢ Ocean Spray juice, Pampers gifts to Grow Points!

Safeway has Haribo gummies $1-all coupons are worth $1 so if you are able to print the 30¢ coupon here at should be able to print it twice. These are also usually $1 at Fry's.
(We bought the coke flavored/shaped gummies)

Raisin Bran is $1.99 when you buy 4 participating cereals (lots of other choices as well like Frosted Flakes and Cap'n Crunch). Print a 70¢ coupon here and you can get it for 99¢-you must buy 4 products to get the $1.99 price.

Ocean Spray is $1.88-many of the bottles had a $1 coupon on them (and a powdered sample), bringing the total to 88¢. If you are a member of Upromise, you can also get a $1 credit.

Pampers Canada
If you buy any baby-related items, you just may get a 25 or 50 point code to put towards your Pampers Gift To Grow Account-it would print out as a Catalina Coupon. I have gotten 2 in the last week-1 at Fry's and 1 at Safeway. New accounts start with 100 points.

*Do realize these are all just random things I found-but keep them in mind if you are headed to Safeway!

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