Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Safeway Delivery

I apologize that I haven't blogged about my safeway.com delivery order. I had written and long blog about it on my phone and then lost it. Safeway recently gave us a great opportunity to try out there home shopping service. On your first order you get free shipping and use code "essential" to get $7 off $50. I took the opportunity to order a 50lb bag of dog food (something I hate shopping for but have to do) and a few other things we needed at the time. I got my order to just over $50 and ended up paying around $45 with tax. My order was scheduled between noon and 2p on a Wednesday. He came right at 12:15 and was very friendly and helpful. I asked him to bring the dog food around to the garage and he was more than happy to do it. Overall, I was extremely happy with the service. I can deflinately see myself using them again, especially if I have to spend a hot Arizona summer pregnant or with more than one child and don't want to leave the house for dog food or other essentials.

*Safeway reinbursed us with gift cards for our reviews.

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